Wednesday, June 24, 2009


ey Everyone!

It's been a while, no? I'm sorry about that, but I haven'te been home for about two weeks due to my AFS End of Stay camp and a week at the sea side for vacation!

Well, what to say? I have about a million various things that don't really flow together or make any sense in a story format, so I'm just going to give you bullet points of my life as stuff pops into my head. Ok?

-I HAD MY FIRST DREAM IN ITALIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was with my host family in this funky glass square building and it included frogs and mini crocodiles and an oozing blob monster... but IT WAS IN ITALIAN! So I was totally psyched despite the mostro e rane e minicocodrilli!
-At the End of Stay camp we played games, reflected on our experiences and chilled with the other 60 kids in Piemonte from all over the world. We were from the U.S,Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Austria, Swizerland, Germany, Brazil, Spain, Argentina, Chile, China, Thailand, Belgium, Romania, Iceland, Greenland, and a bunch of other countries I'm forgetting... so basically it was totally awesome that all of us from all over the world were chilling together and speaking italian!
-Onegame we played that was oodles of fun was where everyone was sitting in a circle with one person in the middle. Every girl is given a number and everyboy is given a letter (hope there aren't more than 23 guys) and the person in the middle calls out a number and a letter at random. If the person in the middle is a girl, then the boy who's letter is called has to try and kiss her before the other girl who'e number is called kisses him! And vise versa if it's a goy in the middle! It was pretty hilarious! And don't worry, the kisses were all on the cheek...
-So I spent an entire week at the sea, spending almost all day, everyday on the beach, and I still can't say I'm tan... I mean, I'm more tan than I was before, but I'm still just a little white girl through and through. Not fair.
-I only have 10 more days with my family here! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I'm freaking out! I feel like every day I get closer and closer with them and that I just want to stay here with them longer! But at the same time I miss my family back home like crazy and only 10 days seems too good to be true!
-A couple weeks a go I encountered giant italian veggetables! (forgive my rusty spelling!) Tomatoes called cow hearts because they are so huge! And sweet peas from my nonno's garden that are bigger than my dads sausage fingers! They were pretty impressive!
-At the camp on the last night we had a talent show, and it was mandatory for everyone to participate. It was awesome! I did some drumming improve with a friend named Jaime (pronounced hi-may) and everyone was so awesome! Qitao and 3 other chinese kids sang a song in chinese, and Xiang from China and Kevin from Germany sang frere Jaques in italian together, then in chinese and then in german! (I sang it to myself in english and french too...) A girl from India danced for what seemed like a half hour, and I don't think I'm exagerating, but it was still realy pretty. Two guys from the states sang and played guitar of songs from Flight of the concords, a huge group of girls sang Ciao Bella together, a girl balanced a spoon on her nose, Taylor from Australia sang with a total rockstar amazing voice while Lucho played guitar, and another really really tall guy from china sang My Eye Is on The Sparrow in english and he had the voice of an angel I tell you! Over all, we rock. Go Us!
-On the last day of school everyone brought various stuff like coca cola, an apricot cake, chips, tea... etc. Then my math teacher made us a lemon cream cake as well! And we didn't do anything all day because instread of classes there was a volleyball tournament with all of the 5th year classes against the professors! And at the end of the day when the last bell rang, some of the 5th year graduates popped open a couple bottles of champagne on the school steps to celebrate their freedom! Haha! It was a good day!

Ok... I think that's all for now... I have to go confront my email after two weeks of absence... Ciao!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Planet Hell!

It is very hip to name italian things in english.

"Planet Hell" (which, when pronounced by italian toungues sounds more like a blurred "plan-hotel"...) is the disco that I went to last monday night for the end of school dance!

Era FANTASTICO!!! I was nervous that I wouldn't like it because it was my first dico, but I had a blast! When I asked my friends about it before hand they said that italian disco's aren't as "bello" as american high school dances... and I don't know what movies they've been watching because I thought it was way cooler!

First of all, there was a HUGE disco ball...
then there were strobe lights, colored stage lights, smoke machines, live bands, great DJ's, multiple dance floors, two bars, a pool, and if you came early they also serve you dinner! (of course you pay extra for that...)

I wore my new green gress that I bought back in December at Dillards for the Winter Formal with a pair of ridiculously high black heels. About two minutes after leaving the house I realized that it was a dumb choice of footwear for going dancing in, but I managed to dance all night long anyways! It was painful, but I just kept danceing and I didn't even remember the searing pain on the balls of my feet! The next day the bottoms of my feet were all achy and sore, but amazingly I didn't have any blisters or anything too unpleasant!

There were TONS of people there, first of all because all the highschools in Piemonte were invited, and second of all because it wasn't exclusivly for highschoolers, but was also open to the public. It was bizzare...

I have to admit that school dances back at home seem pretty tame and dare I say boring in comparison... Now I have a different point of view to present on Student Council next year!

SEGUE: So, While I've been enjoying myself in Italy I have also had to think about things back at home, like the student council elections! I managed ( don't ask me how I was able to stay on top of this!) to write out a speech for my dearest friend Emily to read in my place at the elections, and my wonderful Mother made posters for me and Emily put them up at school, and now I am the New Student Council TREASURER! Huzzah!

So... Planet Hell... Crowded, loud, lively, oh! And the main dance floor is outside with a cover, but it rained! It was actually kind of nice because you kept warm dancing, and then when you got to hot dancing you could go sit under one of the christmas-light covered trees and relax!

I went with my Dearest host cousin, Silvia and a group of our friends, and then I ran into two friends from my class at school as well. We all had a wonderful evening (ending at about 3.30 in the morning) and were able to sleep in the next day due to the vacation! Yay!

Now, I only have the rest of this week, and half of next week of school and then it's summer vacation!!! Then 11-14 June I have the AFS End of Stay camp! Then the following week I'm going to the sea with my family, and then before you know it I will be on my way back home! Yowzah! Ok, time to get of the computer and do something more italian! Ciao tutti!