Thursday, May 21, 2009

Don't Freak Out, Okay?

Today was the big day: Sono andata al pettinatrice!!! (I went to the hairdresser!)

This is a photo of me this morning:

And after two and a half hours of tin foil, shampooing, and snipping this is the result!

Please excuse the camera shadow in the first one... :P

It's not what I had in mind, but I love it just the same! I actually think I look more like a grown up version of my six year old self with this hair! Quando ero piccola avevo i capelli corti e piu chiari e la frangia cosi! (When I was little I had short, lighter hair and bangs like this!)
When Giorgio (il parruchiere) was cutting the bangs at first and asked me if io ho detto They were completely covering my eyes! So, good old practical me asked him to cut them a little shorter! They are still pretty long, but I love them! The not so practical me didn't think about how getting bangs right when the weather was getting ridiculously hot wouldn't be a good idea...oh well! I love my hair! I love pasta! I love Italy!
And guess what is really exciting! I can still get all the layers in a nice bun! I just need a few extra pins and a little hairspray! Last night I went to Just Pasta again for dinner (Garganelli con ricotta e timo(thyme) e poi penne con nutella e noci ancora) and I put my hair in an elegant bun, and got all fancied up! It was fun! I think being fashionable in Italy is more exciting than being fashionable in the U.S.... Then after dinner we went for a walk and ended up singing Abba songs in front of a store with a christmas tree in the window and dancing to Dancing Queen! All in all an enjoyable night!