Sunday, May 10, 2009

To my Mother,

Today is the first Mothers Day that my mother and I have spent apart. (And not just a little bit, but half a planet apart). This blog entry is dedicated to my meravigliosa mamma!

My mom, (Julia/Giulia) has always ecouraged me to go on a foreign exchange, and has helped me tremendously tomake my dream a reality. From the very beginning of this AFS buisness my mom has helped me stand up to all the difficulties of becoming a foreign exchange student:Per esempio, the mountains of application paperwork, the dissapointment of not getting into my choice country (twice), and having to drive me across an eight hour long desert (twice, aswell)
to apply for my visa. She went through the hell-ish stress and worry with me through out the entire process, and now I hope to pay her back by letting her know how amazingly happy I am as the result of everything she has done for me!

I have had amazing experiences here that I will learn from for the rest of my life, both good and not so good... (lets not go into the crazy catastrophy of last night where I accidentally got on the wrong train and was on my way to Savona instead of Savigliano and had to find a way to communicate my dillemna to my host family and my friend/AFS assistent who was waiting for me in Savigliano without a cellphone or the ability to use italian payphones...)

I have eaten thousands of different types of cheeses (or at least it tastes like I have!) and pastas.

I have learned a completely new and beautiful language that I will cuss in for the rest of my life.

I have discovered how much I love and appreciate my home and family.

I have bought bright sparkly gold pants.

I have legally drunk some amazing alchohol (dessert wines... o dio.)

I have spent the afternoon sun-tanning on the italian riviera while reading Charles Dickens in two languages.

I have changed and grown inside (and outside!) and I have to thank my mom for it all.

Grazie. Ti voglio bene. Happy Mothers Day.

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