Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Zeite hundertneunundfunfzig (page 159)

Today I had a test in german on about 60 irregular verb congugations in the past tense, the three different ways of saying *when* (wen, wann, als), the funky sentence structure when using *before* and *while* (bevor, wahrend), and the irregular forms of superlative(Gut-->besser-->am besten)...and I totally think I rocked it!

Go me! Don't ask me how I am learning more german over here than french... it's really quite bizzare. English, italian, french, german... when I was little I thought it was impressive to be able to count to ten in spanish (which by the way is now an impossible task for me because my tongue automatically switches to italian and I can't figure out those simple ten words I used to be able to recite by heart!).

German (tedesco in italian) is really just a funky language in my opinion... I mean, the word for italian in german is italienisch...weird, right? And if you are bored in germany, you exclaim Stingklangweilich!

You know how the longest word in the english language is honorificabilitudinitatibus (27 leters long, invented by William Shakespeare meaning bestowing great honors...or something like that)? Well, I'm pretty sure the longest word EVER has to be german...

Ok, Ciao for now! (look who's posting two day's in a row again!)Vi voglio bene!

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